Let us remember that a member of the Opus Dei, Michael Axiaq, proposed the motion to remove Adrian Delia from PN Leader.

In a blog that I posted on the morning of 14th May, I wrote that Jason Azzopardi is a member of Opus Dei. This is one of the “masonic” sects that has a vested interest in defending the killer or killers of Daphne Caruana Galizia. From what Saviour Balzan has written, it is clear that from how lawyer Jason Azzopardi worked and is still working, he has reduced the juridical process against Yorgen Fenech to a shamble. I have mentioned that there are members of the judiciary who are also members of Opus Dei. How on earth can they today guarantee a just and balanced trial in the case of Yorgen Fenech? In a separate blog, I shall be writing about these individuals.

Here, in this blog, I wish to concentrate on detail. In his article, Saviour Balzan mentioned how Jason Azzopardi, a member of Opus Dei, contributed to having Adrian Delia kicked out as leader. On that occasion, Yorgen Fenech’s chats had been used and manipulated by The Times of Malta to have Adrian Delia ousted from the party leader. On Sunday, Balzan admitted without any qualms of conscience that Jason Azzopardi and The Times of Malta framed Adrian Delia.

There is another detail that one has to remember that prompted Saviour Balzan’s article. The individual who had presented the motion – during the Nationalist Party’s Executive meeting – to remove Adrian Delia from PN party leader was non-other than another member of the Opus Dei. Here, I am referring to Dr Michael Axiaq. Poor soul, it was all accidental!

Another detail is when Adrian Delia attended the pontifical Mass on 8th September at St John’s Co-Cathedral. Archbishop Charles Scicluna, another member of Opus Dei, celebrated this Mass. On that day, Scicluna shook hands with all the dignitaries except Adrian Delia. Scicluna only nodded at Delia, a clear message that he is in agreement with his fellow members of Opus Dei to remove Adrian Delia. Next, we have God’s microphone, Fr Joe Borg, and the Church media sponsored by APS Bank, who attacked Adrian Delia sparring nothing.

Following this latest article by Saviour Balzan, Fr Joe Borg can go on retreat in Gozo together with the Cathedral Archdeacon Mgr Bajada, taking with them Alessandra de Crespo, in order to meditate and reflect on who are truly the big devils and who are the small ones.

Every detail is worked down to the minute detail. These people know that they are not only protected by the police but also by high officials in the judiciary. And the Maltese people are told to have faith in the judges and magistrates because they serve the people! It is time that the media starts writing about those judges who are at the service of Opus Dei and their cronies!

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