Why is the general public still being asked to use masks on visiting hospitals? To deviate the public’s attention from the need of a Covid vaccine injury fund.

The Times told us that the government is now removing Covid screening for patients who want to use Mater Dei Services. However, no one is asking why masks are being kept.

While hospitals are what they are, one cannot understand why the government is keeping all this bullshit of enforcing the use of masks for those visiting patients or those patients who use the hospital services. The use of masks implies the idea of danger. Of course, there is always a risk of getting some form of infection, but is it necessary for visitors to wear masks? Can the Health authorities explain the danger of visiting someone in a hospital beside the normal risks known to all and sundry and have been there from time immemorial?

Scientific research is revealing that the use of masks doesn’t work. Scientific evidence shows that the prolonged use of masks is harmful. Therefore, why is Chris Fearne still forcing people to wear masks in hospitals and old people’s homes? All Covid restrictions need to be removed, not just those related to screening.

So while the Maltese authorities continue to insist on keeping masks, scientists abroad are speaking out and exposing evidence that this practice should be stopped for the sake of health workers and individuals who visit their friends and family members in hospitals.

Therefore, all the remaining restrictions must go. All this circus must come to an end. The earlier this happens, the better for us all.

There is one thing that our Health Authorities and the friendly media never mention. Will our government set up a vaccine injury fund? It is becoming evident by the hour that the only reason for keeping the use of masks is to deviate the attention from the injuries that have been and are still being caused by the Covid vaccines. Abroad, associations and MEPs are speaking up and demanding the setting up of injury funds. However, no word is said in Malta on this subject. No editorial is written. Instead, the use of masks is being prolonged, while the authorities hide all data that can reveal the number of individuals injured or even dying because of these vaccines.

Therefore, keeping the mandatory use of masks is a way to distort the public’s attention from demanding financial compensation for the injuries suffered by the irrational health decisions taken by our Health Authorities. At the same time, individuals in the health sector are now starting to speak up in private that these same Health Authorities made sure that the elite was not given these deadly concoctions but a saline solution to be sure that they do not suffer any harm while obtaining the bogus certificate of being in clean health. This is an added reason why this circus of wearing masks must not continue.

One thought on “Why is the general public still being asked to use masks on visiting hospitals? To deviate the public’s attention from the need of a Covid vaccine injury fund.

  1. Are the 835 deaths truly identified as the cause due to covid? Or diagnosed by the PCR test? with how many circles?
    My understanding is ” with covid”
    Otherwise I am delighted to see the press reporting on this matter. Prosit

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