Why are all our MEPs silent about the latest scandal of EU corruption? The saga of lost WhatsApp messages of Ursula von der Leyen continues.

Roberta Metsola has stated that she wants to eliminate all allegations of corruption from the EU. However, it is becoming more evident that the EU is a den of thieves, existing only to tax its law-abiding citizens. This became evident after a severe case of corruption exploded at the top brass of the EU administration. Foreign MEPs are discussing it, but all our MEPs, including the Labour representatives, are silent.

Why all this silence? This corruption case is not about a few thousand euros or a few million. This is a case of bribery running to over four billion! This is a case involving Ursula von der Leyen. All discourses of transparency have gone with the wind.

Below is a passionate discourse by one of the courageous MEPs denouncing this corrupt deal among von der Leyen, Bourla, and Pfizer. In his speech, he attacked von der Leyen for the deleted WhatsApp messages. It is clear that von der Leyen wants to cover this corrupt agreement she has made with Pfizer and Bourla. In the process, she did not care to put the lives of EU citizens at significant risk. The unanswered hard questions are many in this case, and our local media is quiet.

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