Telling the unvaccinated “I don’t give a shit about you” is a bad idea because Covid-19 vaccine shit does hit the fan.

By Marica Micallef

Unfortunately, some people’s egos are too large for them to fathom the possibility of being fooled. And such egos were highly loud during the fakedemic, while reminding us to wash our hands regularly. They forgot to tell us that we should not worry about their brains, which the governments had already washed and brainwashed regularly.

And so, in another virtue signalling of the endless deaths following the lethal, experimental, Covid-19 vaccines, we find that of Richard Rowe, a forty-one year-old former Florida congressional candidate.

Mr Rowe, who worked as a truck driver, identified himself as a “powerhouse progressive and LGBT.” He promoted indoctrinating kids with homosexual culture and posted a strange word-salad about pansexual and bisexual:

Based on his Facebook and Twitter archives, Mr. Richard “Ricky” Rowe’s personality could not be described as a pleasant one. Most probably the brainwashing and propaganda had not only altered his personality and psychological state of mind, but also inflated his ego.

In 2020, he had run for both a Florida House of Representatives seat and a seat in the US House of Representatives. In the first race, he finished last in the primaries, and in the second, he withdrew prior to the primaries. Democratic Mr. Rowe emphasized that he was a “progressive,” not a “liberal.”

According to Mr. Rowe’s Facebook page, his initial Pfizer mRNA injection occurred on August 12. When he received the second injection is unknown. However, Mr. Rowe had a strong loyalty to the vaccine, and everything related to it. Furthermore, according to the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, 92% of people who identify as “LGBT” fervently adhered to vaccination schedules. Mr. Rowe most likely followed the Centers for Disease Control’s advice and received the second shot between September 5 and September 12.

On the day of his first vaccination, he wasted no time in spewing his hatred, calling himself “morally and intellectually superior” to everyone who had not received the vaccine:

His posts got stranger and nastier during which he spent days attacking the non-vaccinated at every opportunity. In one post-dated 7th October, he told them “I really don’t give a shit what happens to you”:

He even took it further to mock unvaccinated nurses and supported the fact that they were fired for prioritizing their health and bodies and refusing to bow down to the government’s order:

He also posted that the unvaccinated should better accept being day labourers like illegal immigrants at Home Depot since nobody will employ them:

For him, unvaccinated people are “the bottom of the food chain”:

And according to him, the unvaccinated should obey any mandate because it is the law:

It was his niece who posted an update on his Facebook on 2nd November, informing people that Mr. Rowe had “passed away unexpectedly”:

Mr Rowe should have given heed to those who were trying to warn him, like the non-vaccinated on whom he waged war. Maybe, if he took heed, he would have given shit to what might have happened to him.  

Telling the unvaccinated “I don’t give a shit about you” is a bad idea because Covid-19 vaccine shit does hit the fan.

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