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The gay movement doesn’t represent our Maltese homosexuals. Instead, it is run by extremist elements that represent nobody but themselves and their twisted world view. All it takes to set up a gay NGO is a scrap of paper and a few signatures. The NGO represents nobody but its few signatories.

Extremist wokesters have infiltrated our schools. St Albert’s College succeeded in overcoming the
infiltration, standing firmly both against the agitator and the teachers’ union which supported him.
Other schools, lacking coherent guiding principles, are succumbing to the onslaught. As a result, we read
in these blog pages about the burgeoning process of teaching ideas that deprive our children of a
holistic view of the family.

Gay indoctrination of the children’s minds forces them, behind their parents’ back, to adopt the wrong viewpoints without allowing them to think critically. This type of school induced indoctrination undermines our children’s future. It subjects them to a highly damaging perspective of the family. Malta has always depended on strong families guiding their children through life’s early challenges and their education. This is how we have seen a rapid mobility up the social ladder over the last fifty years.

Children can be particularly susceptible to indoctrination because they are still in the process of developing their worldview. This makes them more vulnerable to adopting certain beliefs without fully understanding the implications for their future development.

It is important to note that children are not the property of the government, despite what the Gabis say. Children are individuals with inherent rights and dignity, and it is the responsibility of the government to protect those rights and ensure their well-being. This includes providing access to basic education and protection from sexual abuse. However, this does not mean that the government has ownership or control over children. We elected our government to support our children in their growth and development as healthy and productive members of society.

It is the parents who are the primary caregivers and decision-makers, and they have the responsibility to provide for their children’s basic needs and ensure their safety and well-being. The government’s intervention should never be an assertion of ownership over the child but rather a recognition of the government’s responsibility towards the parents to help them protect their children from abuse and evil groomers with teaching degrees.

Parents would be well-advised to report groomers to the police. Corruption of the young has legal repercussions if the parents would relentlessly put pressure on the police, the school, and the department of education to act. Parents should form a parents association in each school. Nothing bothers a groomer more than parents asserting control and filing police reports. No politician will dare stick his neck out against a united parents front. There is strength in numbers. Parents are more numerous than sick groomers and perverse politicians. If parents are not going to determine their children’s education, they are regaling their children to the evil forces in our midst. The most determining key to a child’s success in life is the positive involvement of the parents.

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