It is now the turn of the University of Malta to confirm that Prudente and Weeldreyer’s Constitutional Case is based on lies.

 The local Maltese media reported what Professor Stabile had to say in court during the Constitutional Case instituted by Andrea Prudente and what the mainstream media once described as her husband, who never was. Andrea Prudente and her once partner, Jay Weeldreyer, instituted a Constitutional Court case for damages against the State of Malta after doctors in Gozo refused to perform an abortion on Andrea Prudente. I will not go into the Prudente story, about which I have already made my opinion known. Nonetheless, I will only add that Prudente and Weeldreyer’s story continues not to hold water. This time round, it was the turn of Professor Stabile’s attestation in court to be challenged. What struck me most was what Professor Stabile had to say in court when testifying on behalf and in support of Andrea Prudente and Jay Weeldreyer. 

Professor Stabile seized the opportunity to use this court sitting as a platform to attack the University of Malta, her employer. She stated that the University of Malta is persecuting her for supporting the introduction of abortion in Malta. As proof she mentioned her transfer from the Faculty of Medicine to the Faculty of Dentistry. 

As an academic, I cannot fathom what this court case instituted by Prudente and Weeldreyer has to do with Stabile’s position at University.   As an academic at University and a blogger, I have always kept both activities separate.  No academic worth his salt should go to court to complain against his or her employer in a case that has nothing to do with his or her job. If Professor Stabile thinks her employer has treated her badly, appropriate fora exist where she can lodge her complaint. 

The University of Malta, on the other hand, immediately reacted issuing a statement clarifying that the transfer of Professor Stabile from one faculty to another has nothing to do with her pro-abortion activities. In fact, the University of Malta pushed back all the claims made by Professor Stabile and went a step further to affirm that:

“The University allows, and indeed encourages, its academics to form and express opinions about any issues without fear of retribution.”

Simply put, the University of Malta told Professor Stabile that she had lied in court under oath. 

Unfortunately, this constitutional case instituted by Prudente and her pseudo husband is completely based on lies. Now one of the plaintiffs’ witnesses is accused of lying in court, and this is no ordinary person but a professor at University. Those seeking to unmask these lies and reveal the true facts behind this story are being intimidated by this American couple, backed by a supportive media and a lawyer turned academic.

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