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Imelda Marcos, no model for clean government, once wondered aloud: “Doesn’t the fight for survival also justify swindle and theft? In self-defence, anything goes.” Her inspiration to the corrupt has been laid bare in the Depasquale court. That Abela and Fearne are now disassociating themselves from what happened is proof that escapism is another survival card up their sleeves.

The recent court judgement about fraud in our hospitals adds to the scepticism and criticism that bolder and more transformative leadership is needed to move Malta forward. Such leadership cannot come from the Labour Party. The blind support for Labour by its core voters confirms that change within this party can never come from the grassroots, the same grassroots that clung to Alfred Sant’s teats one election disaster after another until he had no teats left and left for Brussels. Faced with a docile and submissive base (“la tiddubitax id-dubbju, la taħsibx il-ħsieb, la tistaqsix il-mistoqsija”), the big boys in Castille and the Ministry of Health have had every incentive not to investigate fraud.

Such is the government’s mismanagement of the Maltese economy that, under Labour, the national debt has doubled. If every citizen were to pay today his or her share of the national debt, it would be about 25,000 euros. In a family of four persons including children, the family’s share of the current national debt rises to a whopping 100,000 euros. That is, 4 persons x 25,000 euros each.

How did this come about without Joe Public noticing the hole in the pocket? Labour supporters were impressed when Robert Abela sent them a cheque for a few hundred euros before the election. How come they didn’t realize that the same cheque was simply adding to their own debt? And their family debt? For the national debt is the citizens’ debt.

Two analogies come to mind. In the first analogy, a pathological gambler borrows heavily from friends and family, borrowing say 1,000 euros from his father, repaying 500 euros to his aunt and gambling the remaining 500. His aunt is temporarily full of praise for him as she doesn’t grasp what awaits her further down the line. He repeats this behaviour, stiffing different victims and repaying others, never in full, while “generously” gifting and buying them drinks. What’s there not to like about him?! His debt keeps growing all along but nobody is keeping a tab on it. In the end, he’ll hit rock bottom as the debt can’t be camouflaged anymore and gravity tightens its grip. As a result, friends and family are left with empty promises and big losses. This is what our government is doing. When it needs cash, it sells bonds to an unsuspecting public. The government then uses part of the cash raised by the bonds to dupe supporters with wages, a few hundred euros before the election, and so on. The remaining portion of the cash from bonds goes to pay crooks of trust and their sponsors in government. No more cash left in the till? No problem. The government sells more bonds to the gullible as the cycle repeats itself. In the end, it’s Greece déjà vu.

In the second analogy, each citizen hands his or her invisible credit card to the government, by force of law. The government relentlessly and fraudulently uses the credit card. However, at the end of each month, the bill goes to a government address instead of the citizen’s home address. The government uses some of the cash withdrawn from the credit cards to pay off the usual expenses under Labour: checks-for-nothing, Steward, etc. Since the citizen never gets a credit card bill in the mail, the citizen assumes that good old Robert is trustworthy and fully in charge of the credit cards. Fully in charge he is until one day Greece comes home to roost.

To the Labour trolls who can’t accept the shipwreck that lies ahead, there is no need for spite. Believe in magic. Keep dreaming as your favourite politicians will sing you all the lullabies you wish to hear. The music kept playing on the Titanic till the end. Don’t remind us Nationalists what it was like under our government. No “How about’s…?” On top of it all, don’t needle us about the blood on our hands for the horrendous death of Karen Grech before the vast majority of us were born. For once, do understand that it was a death that nobody wished on anyone except for one deranged psychopath who deserved a lifetime rotting in prison. At the same time, stay mum about the abortions of countless Karen Grechs that our government is about to procure in their mothers’ womb. As long as you sing like a chorus, and keep quiet like one where required, the trees in our public gardens will bloom with leaves and flowers of gold. The birds will chirp happily. Prosperity will reign. The sea waves hitting our shores will joyfully wash away our national debt. And you will live happily ever after for as long as your leader will tell you to do so.


  1. Blog reader, Emm xi chance irqiq kemm u irqiq li nghamlu lil partit tiejk fil gvern? Ghax bil-bzieq fil vojt mghahna ha nghamlu xejn, fejn ghahna ha nibqaw.

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