Men’s Rights Foundation Malta issues a statement in support of John Suda and accuses the Women’s Right Foundation with hypocrisy

The Men’s Rights Foundation Malta issued a statement to support John Suda after the latter fell victim of cancel culture.  Due to a wrong doing that Suda committed in the past, Women’s Right Foundation issued a statement asking the Manoel Theatre to explain why it is allowing a play which was in part translated by this artist to be put on stage at our National Theatre.  This statement was issued by the Women’s Rights Foundation after a play that was translated by Suda with another artist many decades ago, is going to be staged at the Manoel Theatre.

Men’s Rights Foundation accused the Women’s Right Foundation with hypocrisy. If a heterosexual is found guilty of a sexual offence against a woman, the male will still have to suffer the consequences of his action even after having paid his debt to society.  In other words, he will fall victim of what is known as cancel culture. 

However, if a sexual crime is committed by a gay person, and that gay person is found guilty of revenge porn against another gay person, his past actions are immediately buried and that gay person will become a hero for the Women’s Right Foundation. While society should be applauded for forgiving and giving a chance to a gay person to rebuild his life, that same opportunity should be granted to any other hetero-sexual person who has paid his debt.  For this reason, the Men’s Right Foundation Malta accuses the Women’s Rights Foundation of hypocrisy, because of its use of double standards where sexual crimes are concerned. 

Unfortunately, it is these Foundations that express double standards that receive funding from our European Institutions. If an association hates men, that association will surely obtain funds and support from Brussels. Then, the Liberal and Leftist media is in disbelieve that a democratic country like Great Britain has left the EU. It is now the turn of other nations to do the same if they want to safeguard their democratic values and do not want to fall victim of the diktat by woke associations that are now a clear threat to democracy, free speech and humanity.

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