Trouble is flaring in Kosovo

By Romegas

Whenever things are not going to plan, the empire distracts its hypnotized public by stirring up some other conflict elsewhere. In an age dominated by 24×7 propaganda, the public is easily distracted from one event to another. By giving disproportionate coverage to events such as the World Cup, there is also the unspoken effect of normalizing trivia and elevating entertainment and similar issues to the same level as news events of some gravity, thus blurring the distinction between what is important and what is not.

It is no wonder, that increasingly, we in the West find ourselves disoriented, with ever more limited attention spans, and ultimately incapable of sorting the wheat from the chaff.

Given that the war in Ukraine was never really going the way the Western Imperial Court desired it to be, there was from the inception of this war talk, of where a secondary sideshow could be triggered – at first it seemed it was to be around China and Taiwan – but it seems that since then cooler heads have prevailed. Recently there was greater talk of a confrontation with Iran but all along, below the radar, there was a greater running sore that we could exploit – a powder keg we could blow up to high heaven.

Now some context. Kosovo was always part of Serbia. Indeed it is to Serbia what the Alamo is to the US. Remember also, that under the pretext to protect Kosovar Albanians, NATO bombed Serbia into submission (indiscriminately bombing its ENTIRE infrastructure for a consecutive 78 days – but hey that was OK because it was us doing it) and declaring Kosovo an independent country without any parliamentary vote or a referendum of whether the citizens who actually lived there ever wanted to be part of it. But then in our distorted and perverse view of reality, we can declare a nation independent without it ever going to some kind of vote while we deny it to others who actually go through the trouble of establishing a veneer of legitimacy.

In any case, we are now stirring the pot there again – egging on forces intent on putting a flame to the powder keg – with a view to destabilise affairs in Eastern Europe further – and to get to Russia, because the Serbs won’t renounce Russia, they won’t sanction or condemn it – which is not entirely surprising given that it was the Russian diplomatic and military effort that essentially preserved Serbia as a state. Consequentially tensions have been allowed to increase to a boiling point under the eyes of the NATO ‘peacekeeping force’ to the extent that Serbian president, Aleksandar Vucic stated today that the situation can explode once again into an all-out war.

Vucic met with his National Security Council and described it as the toughest day of his life. He was unequivocal in stating that the current standoff was nothing less than “an attempt to end the Serbian problem in Kosovo,” blaming Pristina for the tensions and accusing a good part of the international community of participating in the Kosovo authorities’ scheme.

Furthermore, he also stated that the information about the situation in Kosovo is full of direct falsifications, naked lies,” adding that “on the ground, we have a difficult struggle of a people for survival.”


He urged Serbs in northern Kosovo to “be calm and peaceful and not to fall for provocations.” In particular, the president asked them to refrain from any aggressive moves against EULEX and KFOR, the EU – and NATO-led missions, respectively, stationed in Kosovo. 

At the same time, Vucic accused the US of siding with Kosovo against Serbia by failing to respect agreements reached with Belgrade. Washington nurtured Kosovo like a “child” for some 20 years, the president said, maintaining that the US is now “protecting” it.

“I have a question for our American partners: which agreements does Pristina respect and which do the Americans respect?”

But Vucic must be naive to think that Pristina is acting in the provocative way it is doing without an imperial blessing.

The situation in Europe is about to turn even worse than it is already – and it will never normalize, indeed it will get much worse before Europeans understand it is up to them to find a Modus Vivendi – and to do that they must exclude a foreign power which divides them to further its own interest.

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