The murder of Bernice Cassar confirms that the installation of surveillance cameras in Malta will be ineffective to prevent domestic violence and crime

By Marica Micallef

Many countries are introducing surveillance cameras.  I am against their use because they infringe on a person’s civil liberties. Today these cameras are not only at the service of the police to watch and help them track people through automated facial recognition algorithms. Now, even local residents can watch live security footage and summon the police if they see anything suspicious via special TV boxes installed in their homes. Smartphones can also view security footage.

At least, in Malta, this won’t be useful because one can file as many police reports as one wants, and yet no action is taken.  And if you are a woman who is filing reports of domestic violence, because your husband or partner turned out to be a homicidal, impulsive, aggressive, violent man, rest assured that the only time that the police will intervene is when you have crossed on the other side after your same violent, control freak of a husband from whom you begged for protection, has shot you or beaten you to death!

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