Fr Joe Borg, after crashing the Nationalist Party into a wall, mocks those  who do not agree with him on the IVF amendments as having a siege mentality

If we needed proof as to who are those priests backing the abortionists within the Nationalist Party, these are Fr Joe Borg and Fr Carlo Calleja, who has now joined him.  There are others who prefer to remain hidden.  But Fr Carlo Calleja has written an article telling us how positive were the IVF amendments proposed by the Nationalist Party under the leadership of Bernard Grech and presented in Parliament.  It is obvious that Carlo Calleja is as thick as sin with Joe Borg and both have ended up pushing the Nationalist Party into the wall.  Now Joe Borg is desperate to find a way out of the mess he has created.

From Joe Borg’s mode of writing, it is clear that if anyone is guided by a siege mentality this is he.  He himself is condemning himself when he makes use of what is written by Calleja on the front page of The Catholic Action newspaper called il-Leħen dated 24th July 2022.

Joe Borg is now using Fr Calleja as a means of attacking the work of Edwin Vassallo who, as correctly pointed out by Mario Thomas Vassallo, is now having a greater impact than when Edwin Vassallo was an MP.

All that Edwin Vassallo is doing is to organize pro-life dialogue meetings and this factor has frightened the Nationalist Party and Joe Borg more than hell-fire.  These meetings should have been held by the Nationalist Party and the Labour Party.

Fr Calleja has now joined Fr Joe Borg in order to sanctify the wrong-doings of the National Party.  With the Leħen article, they are trying to reach out to those conservatives leaving the Nationalist Party by attempting to trick them into believing that the Nationalist Party is on the right track, when in fact it is not.

When one notes how Joe Borg and Carlo Calleja together are besieging Edwin Vassallo, one can conclude that the Church in Malta (but not that in Gozo) is entangled with and against whoever is speaking out, backing the teaching Church as indeed the Church should be doing.

After all, Joe Borg’s arguments are the same as those of the National Party’s strategists who today have given us another confirmation that they have dragged the party into the abyss.  Since Joe Borg has lost all credibility, he is now using Calleja.  And I regret to state that Calleja’s arguments are baseless.  Had the amendments made by the Nationalist Party been so great as Fr Calleja tells us, I would have expected the media of the Nationalist Party to cover the great amendments that the Party contributed to this law of IVF. But the Nationalist MPs who voted for these amendments are dumb.   

What Calleja and Borg are writing about is far from the truth because the amendments proposed by the Nationalist Party did not bring about any change to the amendments to those presented in Parliament by Government.  What  Carlo Calleja wrote is all part of Joe Borg’s strategy to save the PN’s political face – it is called damage control strategy – and nothing more.

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