Cyberattacks on Lithuania and cancellation of flights: what’s in common?

Marica Micallef

Cybernews has reported that Lithuania has been hit by cyberattacks over EU sanctions on 27th June.[1] This mirrors what the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab has warned about the same cyberattacks being a worse frightening scenario than Covid-19 itself.

In response to the Baltic country following EU sanctions., the hacker collective Killnet, which has ties to Russia, took down several Lithuanian government websites.

In an effort to pressure Lithuania into lifting EU-level sanctions against Russia, threat actors sympathetic to the Kremlin, the Killnet collective, launched distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) assaults against government institutions and commercial firms in Lithuania.

Killnet sent a video message on the group’s Telegram channel threatening to attack Lithuania unless it permits the movement of commodities to Kaliningrad.

As usual, it is always Russia that is to blame for everything. One wonders if everything is being pre-planned on purpose, to further speed up the Great Reset and putting nations on their knees. But someone has to be blamed so now, let us blame the Kremlin! The most important factor that one should notice is that what we are being warned about, is happening! The Globalist Elite always tells you, so then one cannot say there was no warning!

And while everyone is pointing fingers and blaming Russia, nations are going through continuous, complex challenges. This time, the nation in question was Lithuania where the transport, energy, and financial sectors were put in some unnecessary delays for several days.

Talking about delays, which have “coincidentally” been caused by a technological fault, the Daily Mail reported that a “Computer glitch sees twelve thousand scheduled American Airlines flights left without pilots between Sunday and the end of July, as summer travel hell continues”.[2]

In summary, the media reported that the American Airline’s internal scheduling system has suffered a glitch that saw pilots being granted time off and leaving 12,000 flights without a crew. It adds that “Chaos continues to swamp U.S. airports amid the busiest travel weekend since the pandemic with more than 600 flights cancelled and nearly 2,900 delayed as of Saturday morning” and thus, “Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg told Americans to seek compensation for their cancelled flights”.

“Coincidentally”, in the same period of all of the occurrences above, “German air traffic controllers have fixed technical problems which had disrupted European travel on Wednesday”[3]. According to Reuters, the problems “were caused by an unexpected issue during a software update overnight, which forced DFS to limit air traffic to 50% of normal capacity.”





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