Yorgen Fenech, under oath, declared that Keith Schembri offered Keith Arnaud’s wife a job

Another interesting point that was revealed during Yorgen Fenech’s testimony given at a Constitutional case instituted by Yorgen Fenech himself in order for Keith Arnaud – the official prosecutor in the case of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder to be removed – is that Arnaud’s wife was given a job by Keith Schembri. This case was heard before Judge Lawrence Mintoff. From Fenech’s testimony, we learn that Keith Schembri gave Arnaud’s wife a job with Infrastructure Malta.

This is yet another detail that the so-called liberal and progressive media, including the Church media, never covered. Not even Repubblika’s army, who considers itself the defender of the rule of law, has ever protested or demanded an investigation. One must remember that the police – Keith Arnaud included – never found Keith Schembri’s mobile. 

Fenech carried on stating that he had never met Keith Arnaud before the day he was arrested. However, Keith Arnaud was well acquainted with Keith Schembri and the friendship between them went way back before the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. According to Fenech, Arnaud used to pass a lot of information to Keith Schembri. What follows is what Yorgen Fenech told Judge Mintoff about the friendship between Keith Schembri and Keith Arnaud.

Yorgen Fenech: “I did not know Keith Arnaud. The first time I met him was the day I was arrested on the 20th of November. But Keith Schembri used to tell me that he had a very good rapport with Mr. Arnaud and we were often together when he would tell me to take a look for he [Keith Arnaud] has sent me this message etc etc… which would be a running update on the investigations for example details during the investigations…”

During this same testimony, Yorgen Fenech stated that Keith Schembri had found Keith Arnaud’s wife a good job with Infrastructure Malta. In fact, what emerged in Court is that it was Keith Arnaud who approached Keith Schembri to find a job for his wife. This is what Yorgen Fenech had to say under oath:

Dr Marion Camilleri: “ This issue that Mr. Arnaud approached Mr. Keith Schembri for his wife to be given a job, how do you know this?

Y.F. Because Keith Schembri told me. We were having a casual conversion and he told me that had arranged for Keith Arnaud’s wife – I repeat, there is nothing wrong in this, but it goes to show….

Dr Marion Camilleri: Did he tell you where if he did make arrangements?

Y.F.: Infrastructure Malta.  A government authority or agency that had been set up Infrastructure Malta”.

What is surprising is why the media never covered these facts or this court case. It continued to report the fact that Melvin Theuma was given a job with the government. The oddity here is that the information that Keith Schembri gave Melvin Theuma a job with the government – precisely with the Ministry for the Family – was taken from the testimony and information that was in Yorgen Fenech’s possession. Therefore, the police are being selective in what information to investigate or not, choosing from what Yorgen Fenech knows. This is what Yorgen Fenech had to say regarding the job that Keith Schembri gave Melvin Theuma:

Y.F.: “From my office; the recordings no – the photo…

Dr Marion Camilleri: What was taken from your office?

Y.F.: The photo of Mr. Schembri and Mr. Theuma hugging each other in the office at Castile, a declaration written by Mr. Theuma that implicates directly Mr Schembri, and also a contract of work which had been given to Mr. Theuma by Mr. Schembri, this before the crime was committed and few months, five months, six months before and he had been employed with the Ministry for the Family on condition that he did not turn up for work, In fact, he was not given any work nor was he paid”. 

It is clear from this testimony that the police got to know that Melvin Theuma was given a contract of work with the government because this contract was found and taken from Yorgen Fenech’s office. Therefore, Yorgen Fenech is a credible witness. Hence, the police are not investigating everything; they are only investigating what suits their purpose, Why?

Then take a look at the Church media, which professes to be an oracle of truth; on its front page, it carried Yorgen Fenech is going to be taken to court accused that he [Fenech] gave Melvin Theuma a job with Government but then nothing is said that this detail was given by Yorgen Fenech in person to the police. It is very strange how Yorgen Fenech, who is not a government employee, can be charged with having employed someone with the government!  It is obvious that the police are attempting to involve him because the employment contract of Melvin Theuma was found in Fenech’s office. Then, regarding the story of Keith Arnaud total silence; not even one question.  

Is this the just and fair reporting that the media of the  Catholic church in Malta adopts? Moreover, where is Repubblika, who boasts about the rule of law? Where is the media in English that boasts of being independent?  

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