Serbian President calls out Western Hypocrisy

By Romegas

In an interview with Serbian TV channel TV PRVA, Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic, hit out at Western hypocricy.

He stated that:

Western states say they will not agree to any changing of the borders of Ukraine, but they themselves were and are involved in redrawing the map of Serbia, insisting on the independence of Kosovo – They say they will never accept changing the borders of Ukraine even for a second. Truth? Instead, they participated in the destruction of Serbia’s national sovereignty and described Kosovo as the “heart of Europe” and a separate country. You demand from us to recognize territorial changes at any cost, while not to recognize those in Ukraine at any cost. Think what nonsense you are talking about and how hypocritical you are.

Indeed, it is the brazen application of such double standards and injustice that are at the root of all that is wrong with Europe today. Given that there is no contrition or shame, or any avenue where such problems can be sensibly settled, things will only get worse as the aggrieved will find their own way to find redress.

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