More stories confirming that Doctors are hearing a lot of stories from vaccine injured persons

Blog post by Marica Micallef

A Maltese person writes how the vaccine aggravated his health while adding that doctors have told him that they are seeing other cases like him:

[I had no bad symptoms when I took the first and second dose. I neither had fever, nor fatigue and even though we had a hot Summer, I was fine. But it affected me in other ways. I used to have pain in my fingers and with my left tennis elbow. God bless I never had pain in that of my right. Then all pain went away for eight months. I used to sit with the pain. Before Summer, in April, I used to go for a two hour walk every day. When I took the vaccine, not only this pain was back but it was four times stronger. The tennis elbow started aching and even though I never experienced back ache, I had a sharp pain in the side of my back. Two days ago, while asleep, I was woken up with huge pain all over my body when before, I never suffered from anything. I also had a noisy sound in my ears. Only three members of my family understood me and believed me. The rest do not believe me. I am not taking the booster because I am afraid I will get worse and that I won’t be able to do anything. I have been to the doctor twice, including today where I had some blood tests done. They told me that they are having a lot of cases. So, I believe everyone.

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