A Vulnerable Citizen Recounts how the Pfizer vaccine caused him daily pain

Blog post by Marica Micallef

Another Maltese person writes how the vaccine aggravated his health:

[ I have been living with pain for a year since I took the Pfizer vaccine. I have pain in my hands, legs and chest daily. Each time I go to hospital, the medical results show that nothing is wrong. I know my body pretty well and I functioned well a year ago. But after taking the vaccine, I lost all control of my body. I sent an exemption letter which was written by my doctor who knows all my health history, but the letter was not accepted because they told me that there was no indication that my pain was being caused by the vaccine. I underwent ECGs, MRIs, blood tests. My blood sample was even sent to England. I did an Echo and a Holter. I also lost 15kgs and had to change all my diet by switching to gluten and dairy free products. Results are still coming out as fine. But I am tired of this enduring daily pain. I am a vulnerable person. The harm that the vaccine procured me is huge, but I am not against it, especially for those who are strong enough for it. But yes, I believe that people like me and others should be given more attention and respect the fact that we do not have control over such matters.]

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