Contradictory statements on the Covid measures by Prime Minister Abela are a sign of weakness

Blog post by Marica Micallef

Yet, even the issue of the so-called experts, mentioned by Abela is peppered with controversy. One needs to remember what Abela said in January. He insisted that “he would like to remove all COVID-19 related restrictions but that the health authorities are advising him against such a course of action.”[1]

It is an open secret that Abela never agreed with the restrictions. In fact, he was even captured breaching mask rules multiple times on various occasions.[2] So why is it that he keeps on referring to Covid-19 as a pandemic, urging people to get vaccinated as he did in his New Year’s Eve message wherein he stated that ‘We must not be arrogant in front of the pandemic’?[3]

The issue remains. Why is the Prime Minister making too many contradictory statements? This only shows weakness on his part. Why did he defend the decision taken to ban non-vaccinated travellers for which the EU had criticised Malta for?[4]  Why did he deny that his “government is in any way breaching privacy by restricting access to a number of venues to vaccinated people?”[5] So, was Abela fine with the discriminatory measures against the non-vaccinated but was not fine with other restrictions, especially considering that he always spoke in favour of the vaccine, because according to him, “The vaccine is the foundation of our road back to normality”?[6]

Abela’s contradictory statements show his indecisiveness. Shouldn’t the Prime Minister have his last say when it comes to any decisions taken during Covid-19? Isn’t he responsible for all decisions that the government takes? So, why was Abela suddenly putting the blame on the local health authorities? Was Abela pressured by Fearne or was Abela not rising to his responsibility and transferring it to the health authorities? Or is Abela implying that he was pressured by Fearne?

The fact that now Abela has pledged to remove any single Covid-19 restriction, does this mean that he feels more empowered, and he is ready to keep this promise, no matter what the health authorities dictate?

Finally, considering that several European nations are facing a new spike in Covid-19 cases because they scrapped pandemic restrictions too soon, according to a senior World Health Organization (WHO) official warning,[7] can Abela pledge that no restriction will be re-introduced again, if other European countries are asked to, in case of another wave? It is more than clear that Malta is again a colony: this time of the European Union. No politician can say “I was just following orders” when it comes to Covid-19. So, Abela must decide which path to take and stop playing games.








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