Non-vaccinated children are not allowed entry into elderly homes

Blog post by Marica Micallef

The following post shows the continuous discrimination that some (if not all) elderly care homes show towards non-vaccinated individuals, in this case, a non-vaccinated child. This child was prohibited from visiting her great-grandmother because she is not vaccinated.

I do not know if this has changed after the ease of restrictions. What I can tell is that my maternal grandmother is also in a home and I, being non-vaccinated, have been refused entry further inside the premises, even after the easing of restrictions. In order to see my grandmother, I have to stay in the reception area behind the floor stickers.

[So tonight, I went to the home to see my grandmother as we usually almost do on a daily basis, together with my 5-year-old daughter. From yesterday to today, matters have changed. When we were entering with the food in our hands since my grandmother does not eat there as she does not like the food of the home, the security guard called me and informed me that I can no longer enter with my daughter. When I asked him why he replied that she had to be vaccinated too. My daughter has just turned five. The home neither did a post on Facebook nor did they inform us. They just decided this from one day to the next. Did you know what my daughter of five told him?  She told him “Grandma is 82 years old. She might soon die. So does this mean that I won’t see her again?” She cried a lot. I pitied her. So, from now on, can’t kids see their grannies in a home? For me, this is utter insanity and a shame. I am sick and tired of all this from Chris {Fearne} and Charmaine {Gauci}. I am truly fed up and this is now too much.]

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