Is Labour serious about its proposal to scrap homework from our Government schools’ educational system?

It seems that even the PL is losing the plot like the PN. While it is commendable that Labour wants to increase teachers’ salaries, its proposal that, if elected, Labour will scrap homework shows irresponsibility. Should this proposal go through, it will affect negatively Government schools. I doubt whether government can impose this proposal on private and Church schools. This means that the Maltese population will continue to lose faith in state schools.

This measurement reminds me of a similar proposal made by Alfred Sant during one of our past electoral campaigns. Sant proposed introducing repeater classes in our educational system. Labour back then had to scrap this idea because of the barrage of criticism received from the public. Faced with the negative reaction, the expert or experts, who advised Sant with this proposal, did not have the courage to stand out and defend it.

Labour should stop experimenting with the education of our children. With these experiments, private and church schools will continue to have a better edge in education than government schools. This will mostly affect those parents who are not in a position to teach their children. Those parents who are educated can give extra work to their offspring in the privacy of their home.

If this measure is to be implemented, it would mean that the popularity of government schools will continue to wane in Malta as in the long run, they will appear to be the schools of low achievers in comparison with the Church and private schools, who will then definitely outshine those attending state schools.

For sure such a blanket suggestion cannot work in education and confirms that the government is being advised by “dilettanti” or amateurs. The resulting perception is only the result of the ill-advice that amateurs are giving to our politicians.

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