Another claim of excruciating nerve and joint pain caused by the jab

Blog post by Marica Micallef

This is not the first blog where I made reference to posts on social media from individuals who started suffering from excruciating nerve and joint pain after taking the jab. This post is from the husband of a woman who went through this experience after taking the second jab.

[My wife took the first and second dose of the vaccine and since she took the second one, she started suffering from nerve and joint pain, especially those of her hands and started to feel breathlessness. She cries with pain, and she feels her body as if it is bruised. Now she does not want to take the booster because she is afraid. Now she attends one-to-one sessions at the gym with her personal trainer so there is no one else at the gym except herself and the trainer. Does anybody know if she can keep on attending since she does not wish to take the booster? We are not against the booster, but she is in great excruciating pain. Thank you.]

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