The freedom convoy: why I do not buy it?

Blog post by Marica Micallef

William Shakespeare wrote that “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.”

What we are living and going through right now is a stage.

So, I am not buying this freedom convoy organisation. I might be wrong, and I stand to be corrected, but I do not trust anything shown because the elite are evil, psychopathic, skilled, manipulators. They prey on our emotions and psyche to make us believe they are giving us a win so that they can string us along. We were offered so many short-term solutions during the pandemic so what makes us think they are coming up with something long-term now? Instead, they are still using forms of coercive control, passive, and active abuse, until nations put up the white flag and surrender to their plan. I am aware that many people won’t agree with me on this. Yet, I vouched to give people Truth which is the pill less swallowed.

Are the truckers acting unknowingly as the Elite had predicted or could it be that these convoys were pre-planned? Will they truly make Trudeau budge on his mandates?

50,000 trucks? Where are they being put or parked? Could it be 500 but the media has inflated it, just like it inflated positive cases and Covid-19 deaths for a purpose?

Why are all media portals giving them so much footage and coverage, but protests were not?  Never has the mainstream media covered any multi-million protest around the world before.  Farmers have even joined the Canadian truckers’ protest. The trucks did not block the roads either, but they were allowed to enter Ottawa. I smell rats.

If we look at the bigger picture, in the long term, the next phase of the Globalists is about supply chain disruption, blackout, and hunger.

Will the strike of these trucks affect food supply or not? I think famine is currently being created, as deliberate destruction by starvation. Famine creates helpless populations, eager to compromise anything, as long as they are offered a solution.

Truckers complain that they must show the covid pass at the borders, and they do show it. If it was a real protest, would they be complying with the rules they oppose? Moreover, according to Global News, 90% of these truckers are jabbed[1].

For me, this convoy protest is turning into a party, a disco protest where the organisers are on the enemies’ side. They manipulate and distract people by helping them blow some steam off. With Europe and the rest of the world joining this protest fast and organised with smooth execution, makes it look more suspicious for me. It feels like they have been prepping for months. And when there is famine, the non-vaccinated or conspiracy theorists will be blamed.

Have you noticed how suspiciously fast are the events unfolding? They even managed to collect a huge lump sum of money on GoFundMe through anonymous donations in a few days.  This fundraiser was organised by LGBT activist, Benjamin Dichter and we all know that this community is a globalists’ tool.  Were truckers bribed?

The Convoy manifesto is also queer. It reads “Falling in love with our country” and “Forgiving past transgressions, forget about differences”. Is this some sort of LGBT propaganda?  Uniting all differences into one mass is the goal of psycho globalists.

The truckers did bring courageous vibes, but why applaud the impending famine and call it a freedom convoy? Why don’t we just organise such a protest by cars while letting truckers do their job and ensure that they deliver the supplies?

Such a synchronised organization around the world reminds me of all world leaders using the same catchy phrases at the beginning of the pandemic. It seems there are powerful structures behind these protests, with tons of money.

2022 is not about the vaccine anymore but about blackouts, energy, and food supplies, with the truckers fitting in perfectly.


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