Are Big Pharma Companies betting on pills against Covid made from medical Cannabis?

Blog post by Marica Micallef

A new Covid-19 pill is now on the market. Paxlovid has been approved by the EU’s drug watchdog, “making it the first oral antiviral treatment for the disease to be authorised in Europe.” It has been already authorised in US, Canada, and Israel with the EU allowing member states to use it before it was approved as an emergency measure against Omicron.

Paxlovid comprises two types of tablets which can be taken at home by adults and “unlike vaccines, it does not target the ever-evolving spike protein which the coronavirus uses to invade cells. It should therefore in theory be more variant-proof, and the company has said preliminary lab studies have backed up that hypothesis.”
This pill will be used to treat Long Covid. This means that Covid will remain with us longer but on a milder scale. The question is this. Will adults be made dependent on it? Or are the Health Authorities World Wide coming up with a new form of Covid? Weren’t vaccines meant to do the trick?

The TOM reported that the EU watchdog has approved the Covid pill. The “Illum” media portal reported that the EU commissioner Kyriakidou, during a meeting with Dr. Fearne, said that the vaccines alone won’t be enough to end the pandemic, so they currently have a strategy based on therapy, amongst which is fighting the effects of Long Covid. She said that the EU has already established a portfolio of 10 potential therapies related to Covid-19.

The question to be asked is the following. Is this pill one of these new therapies? Will the vaccines be scrapped or are they part of the therapy as well? What are the remaining 8 therapies?

Since we now have the pill, why are the local health authorities studying a spike in COVID cases among those aged over 80, due to the “waning immunity from the booster vaccine?” Will the elderly still be given the fourth dose? The elderly are always the first cohort to be targeted because most of them depend on the government.
Do they want to normalise covid now so that nations keep on depending on medication? Instead of the jab, are we going to have the pill? How will children be targeted? Will the new pill against Covid will be having cannabis substance?

On January 11th, 2022, Forbes reported that a “Study Finds Cannabis Compounds Prevent Infection By Covid-19 Virus” whereas a month earlier, on December 20th, 2021, the same media portal reported that “Pfizer Bets On Medical Cannabis With $6.7 Billion Acquisition”. Coincidence? Definitely not! Big Pharma betted on medical cannabis so it could then produce cannabis medication for Covid-19 while keeping on earning its billions.

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