Are we becoming a South-American police state?

From a reader of this blog

Are we becoming a South-American police state due to the way the police are acting in Malta? Did the police have a carte-blanche to upset the kids of Joseph Muscat?  And do they really believe that Joseph Muscat is such an idiot to have made use of his kids to hide information? 

In truth, when one considers the time taken from the police and the magistrate to act in this case, Muscat had all the time in the world to delete all messages and data that could compromise him. Therefore, this search warrant is just a cheap show. But even here, our police are not capable of doing things properly. What they showed the Maltese nation is that they don’t know how to do their work properly in these delicate situations!

We are not in the USA and the UK where children are searched. Unfortunately, as has been written in this blog, this has been done before but no one batted an eyelid. I am here referring to the search conducted on Yorgen Fenech’s children. When this search was carried out, Joseph Muscat was Prime Minister. The material taken from Yorgen Fenech’s children had no incriminating evidence in it. But this is what happens when the judiciary and police authorities are left to act without any control whatsoever.

But I wish to ask whether the police are being given a license to harass children? Most probably, the magistrate in question gave a carte blanc to the police. I am perplexed by the way the Prime Minister, Robert Abela, reacted to this whole story. He condemned in a wishy-washy way when he should have taken action. Finally, he is the Prime Minister and there are ministers, paid by our taxes, responsible for the judiciary and the police. If the judiciary and the police are totally independent of the government, then there is no need to have ministers responsible for these two areas. Once again, the Prime Minister is showing his weaknesses. He does not have the courage to bring all those responsible to task. After all, he is the Prime Minister!

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