A rise in sudden deaths reported among players points to the Covid19 vaccine roll-out.

Blog post by Marica Micallef

Many sportspeople have been vaccinated due to pressure from their clubs and leagues. Some were even threatened that if they don’t get vaccinated, they cannot play. Consequently, we are not only witnessing grievous incidents, but even deaths are stacking up across the elite and non-elite sporting world.

The mainstream media obviously blames it on “sudden deaths” or “under mysterious circumstances” or “unknown cause of death” or “found dead at home” or “cardiac arrest”.  This is its tactical subjugated approach, aimed at the white anglosphere part of the world. It obviously avoids pointing towards the Covid19 vaccine as causing these deaths. Having an alarming rise of deaths in the sports arena after the vaccine roll-out should be raising some concerns and eyebrows!

What tragedies, what lethal fraud from our governments and their lying advisors!

In the meantime, a German news agency has compiled a list of 75 European athletes who have died “suddenly” in the past 5 months since being fully vaccinated. (https://report24.news/ab-13-jahren-lange-liste-ploetzlich-verstorbener-oder-schwerkranker-sportler/)

Also, Dutch Parliament Member Thierry Baudet speaks out against the sudden deaths among athletes. The video with subtitles can be watched here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNe3jNpYDNw

Here is a partial list of these athletes:

Avi Barot, 29, Saurashtra cricketer suffers cardiac arrest and passes away.[1]

Jens De Smet, 27, footballer, collapses on the field, passes away from a heart attack. [2]

French footballer Frederic Lartillot collapses in the changing room and passes away due to a heart attack after the game.[3]

Vittoria Campo, 23, an Italian footballer dies of a heart attack in a hospital in Palermo. Her brother was also found lifeless in his home, two months earlier.[4] His friends then revealed that he had in fact been vaccinated just a few days prior to his untimely death.

Their grief-stricken father confirmed that both siblings had received the COVID shots.[5]

Siobhan Cattigan, 26, a Scottish rugby player, was announced dead. The article just beats around the bush and avoids saying the cause and how.[6]

“We cannot understand: Sudden death of taekwondo champion, 19, branded a mystery”.[7]

“Egyptian Football Manager tragically dies from a heart attack while celebrating last-minute winner.”[8]

“24-year-old hockey star Boris Sadecky dies after collapsing on ice in the cardiac arrest last Friday – 80% of the league is vaccinated.”[9]

“Taniela Moa dead: Former Tonga star dies aged 36 as he is hailed a ‘legendary great’.”[10]

Andres Melendez, 20, baseball player, dies “with no cause of death”.[11]

“Four footballers killed by heart attacks over Christmas week intensifies expert attention.”[12]

“Days After Malta Training Camp, Diego Maradona’s Brother Hugo Dies Of Heart Attack.”[13]

“Algerian player dies after collapsing on the pitch as a spate of tragedies hit football”.[14]

A full list can be found here:


People involved in sports are becoming more and more conscious of this situation. The Daily Mail reported that “a quarter of footballers at the English Football League’s 72 clubs say they will NOT get vaccinated, with official figures showing the extent of jab hesitancy finally released”[15]. Albeit all this preoccupation, The Daily Mail added that these footballers “will raise significant concerns about the spread of Covid-19 among Football League clubs, with a tidal wave of infection surging across the country fuelled by the Omicron variant.” So this media is blaming it all on the unvaccinated players.

Times of Malta also reported that “Covid-19 vaccination becomes mandatory for Italian players as from January 10”[16]. I wonder what the consequences of all this will be. If those who initially refused will fall under the pressure, will we see more deaths and injuries in vaccinated players, does bringing to a halt this multi-million industry? Wasn’t the vaccine meant to save lives?

If those players refuse, will they not be allowed to play, which will still bring the industry to a halt? Will they have their salaries cut?

At this point, we just need to sit back and watch all this taking its course. I firmly believe that Covid-19 is happening FOR us and not TO us, because although its final goal is a totalitarian, controlling one, I think that this will be turned around for something more beautiful and free for humanity.

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