The Case of Adam Ben

Blog post by Marica Micallef

In an article, Lovin Malta displaying a video by Adam Ben, a Maltese currently abroad who is being denied booster exemption from the local health authorities after the covid-19 vaccine made his vestibular disease and tinnitus worse.[1]

The media also saw the medical certificate that Adam Ben has currently in hand which states that he: “has a history of vestibular hypofunction as well as tinnitus in both ears which was accentuated after being vaccinated against COVID”.

And even though the same media tried to mellow it down by adding that Adam Ben is not against vaccination, and neither is he against taking the booster as he would like to have the freedom of travelling around, doesn’t this article show that Lovin Malta is admitting that the covid-19 vaccine causes injuries? Even though Lovin Malta wrote that Adam Ben already had this underlying condition before taking the vaccine, isn’t it implying that the Covid-19 vaccine can make an underlying condition worse?

Isn’t this something which I and many others have been repeating? Why are there people who find it hard to believe that their governments and their superiors are trying to harm them?

Why are some of the vaccinated still believing everything that the government and the local health authorities are telling them?

Why aren’t the Health Authorities giving credit to all these personal experiences? Just because one took the Covid-19 vaccine and he did not suffer any side effects, it doesn’t mean that the Covid-19 vaccine is safe!

Since the double jabbed are now also being denied their freedom and rights unless they take the booster, are they still trusting the government and the science? Will they still go for the booster?

If the double jabbed are also catching covid and still asked to quarantine, is it possible that this doesn’t raise any questions in them?

If I had three smallpox vaccines in 9 months and then I still caught smallpox, I would probably have a few questions….

The truth is that we shouldn’t even need to research at this point. Common sense should reveal the absolute absurdity of what is happening in the world right now!

The truth is that the rebel side in us should start seeing through the deception and lies while breaking free from the matrix. We are to actively resist all this tyranny and live a life led by our own intuition and heart, owned by no one.  So far, our lives have been owned by the mainstream media, by Big Pharma, by politicians, by food industries, and by the wealthy elite. We are not to cave to the powers that be but survive the greatest psychological operation in human history, a plan that has been in the works for decades.

They have put a lot of time, resources, money, and effort into all this. They studied every possible way to manipulate, brainwash and coerce us. They tried to demoralise us by corrupting society from every possible corner. They tried to vilify us, desensitise us, scare us, guilty us and shame us. They tried to lure us with money, gifts, and rewards. They tried to confuse us and make us question our reality and even our sanity. They tried to get us to abandon our own principles, values, morals, and ethics. They even turned those close to us against us, Almost everyone fell for it.

For those who didn’t, they surely have weathered a lot over these past two years but never gave in! They stood their ground against all odds. And not only didn’t they drop to their knees, but they rose like a Phoenix in the night and stepped fully and completely into their inner power.

Hence, I ask all those like Adam Ben who are speaking up, to keep on saying “no” to the government and its mandates. The government works for us, and we are neither its servants nor its slaves. We are not to be talked down to, we won’t be mandated anything, and we won’t be coerced to do anything, against our will.


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