People commented on Gerald Fenech’s Facebook page that they won’t be taking the booster because of its side effects

Blog post By Marica Micallef

Gerald Fenech is doing a service to the Maltese community with his updates on Covid which he publishes on his Facebook page:

The local authorities were not always supportive of Mr. Fenech’s action in the past, even if he had been publishing responsible posts and is one of those in favour of the vaccine. Whether one likes his posts or not, they give important information about the Covid19 situation in Malta and for this reason, they are extensively followed by the Maltese public.

Mr. Fenech is in favour of the vaccine and advised his followers to take the booster. What I noticed is that a few minutes after Mr. Fenech put up such a post, three people commented that they won’t be taking any because of the side effects suffered:

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