Three persons started suffering from stiff legs after taking the booster

Blog post by Marica Micallef

[I met an elderly man yesterday whose car broke down. He told me ‘I was going to the hospital because my sister, her husband, and a relative of his have started to suffer from stiff legs since they took the booster! Why doesn’t the media report this? Do you report only that which is suitable for you, while telling the public how many took the booster so that more people take it? Because that is the most important]

I would like to remind the public that the mainstream media will keep on singing the same tune because that is what it is being ordered to do. And even when our local mainstream media makes the public believe that it is stating the truth, it reports a controlled truth that is worse than a lie. All this is serving as a mind game.

For people to get to the ruth, they must first follow inner intuition; ask God for guidance amid the many news [some fake] which exist around Covid, and to look for other unconventional media portals which have been keeping to the same anti-covid narrative agenda.

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