One of the reasons given for Col Dalli’s dismissal was because he terminated the job contract of psychiatrist Joseph Spiteri.

This site is told that one of the reasons for the dismissal of Col Dalli is because he terminated psychiatrist Joseph Spiteri’s job contract with the prison. While it is a well-known fact even though the authorities do not want to admit this, Alex Dalli upset some individuals because he successfully removed all drugs from the prisons but this is not the only cause that prompted his removal. The fact that Dalli had terminated Dr. Joseph Spiteri’s contract with the prison has also to be included as another cause! 

Dr. Spiteri was one of those psychiatrists sought after by those who wanted to be boarded out. Spiteri’s contract was terminated because the prisoners were ending up paying big money for his services.

Spiteri was a person of trust on both sides of the House. Alex Dalli never allowed politics to interfere in his work. On the basis of the exorbitant sums of money, prisoners were being asked to pay, Dalli understandably took the decision to rescind Spiteri’s work contract with Corradino. But at a political level, not everybody was happy that this contract was terminated and it was decided to also terminate Alex Dalli’s contract. Thus, in one stroke the politicians caught two birds.

It is thrilling to watch how both the PN and Labour agree on such matters and yet the media remains completely silent!

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