A mother claims that her 16-year old daughter has to remain taking steroids for the rest of her life because of the Pfizer vaccine

Blog post by Marica Micallef

[My daughter took the Pfizer vaccine and she started becoming full of big, black bruises. I took her for blood tests, and it has resulted that her platelets had gone down to 7 when normally they should be between 150 and 400. We have been going back and forth to the hospital since August. After ending up taking steroids for 3 months, and stopping slowly as the doctors had advised, the platelets count started going down again!! In our last visit to the doctor, the doctor told us that now, what she has is chronic and that she has to remain taking treatment for the rest of her life. But you don’t say these things ey?!!!!! My daughter is 16 years old.]


  1. I’m fully vaccinated and got my booster.
    No, I don’t know “what’s in it”. Neither this vaccine or the ones I had as a child.
    I also don’t know exactly what’s in Ibuprofen or Paracetamol– they just cure my headaches & my pains.
    I don’t know what’s in tattoo ink, botox and fillers, or every ingredient in my soap, shampoo or deodorants. I don’t know the long term effect of mobile phone use, or whether or not that restaurant I just ate at REALLY used clean foods and washed their hands.
    There’s a lot of things I don’t know.
    I do know one thing: life is short. Very short. And I, personally, still want to do things. I want to travel and hug people without fear, and find a little feeling of life “before”.
    Throughout my life I’ve been vaccinated against many diseases. Measles, mumps, rubella, polio, chickenpox, influenza, tetanus. My parents (and I) trusted the science, and never had to suffer through or transmit any of those said diseases.
    I’m vaccinated. Not to please the government. Not to make other people do it. But I don’t want to:
    * die from Covid-19
    * lie in ICU with a pipe down my throat
    * not be able to hug my loved ones
    * have to test routinely
    * live my life in fear
    Can’t say it any clearer
    Copied & pasted.
    Feel free to do the same.

    • So, if I walk up to you, you not knowing me from Adam, and give you a cup of liquid to drink and tell you to drink it without telling you what’s in it, are you going to drink it? Doing so would be acting brainless – as brainless as your comment.

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