The Omicron variant: Part 1

Blog post by Marica Micallef

The latest bombardment during the pandemic is Omicron, the new variant. This is the third variant after Delta and Delta plus. Apparently, these last two variants failed in making the nations more frightened, so what do the authorities do? They release this variant.  Why am I stating so?

Firstly, I do question what methods they are using to discover new variants. As far as I know, the PCR test can only detect Covid and the result only states “Detected” or “Not Detected”. So how are they detecting Omicron? In fact, in an article by Times of Malta[1] we read that “Dutch health authorities said Saturday that 61 passengers from two flights from South Africa tested positive for COVID-19 and the results were being examined for the new Omicron variant.” Can they give the public more details? Why are such sweeping statements given? The public should question everything.

Secondly, why did they leave all this for the festivities, when families would be looking forward to uniting, and celebrate Christmas? Are we heading for a “dark winter”? Is this part of the psychological warfare where they give the public hope that we are getting rid of the pandemic while releasing restrictions only to then come up with another variant and increase restrictions again? In fact, Italy is reconsidering bringing back outdoor mask requirement[2] with Rome being the first Italian city to mandate this[3] whereas in England, “Mask-wearing has become compulsory again in some settings, including shops and public transport.”[4] Isn’t all this validating and confirming what The Mirror had published back on the 1st of July 2021, that “Health chiefs’ Covid winter plan could mean masks and social distancing for next 5 years”[5]? Does this mean that we will have outbreaks and variants for the next five years and that nations will have to wear the mask and continue to practise social distancing? If yes, can these health chiefs explain how did they come up with “contingency plans for Covid restrictions for the next FIVE winters to protect the country against future waves of the virus”?  Did they already know that each winter, there will be a new variant?

We are told that this Omicron strain is “of concern”[6] because, according to the WHO, “it had a large number of mutations, and early evidence suggested an increased reinfection risk”. We are told that it was first reported in South Africa on 24th November, to then quickly reach Europe through Belgium[7]. However, Times of Malta tells us that the person tested positive on November 22nd: “The infected person tested positive on November 22 and had not had COVID-19 before.” But since it was reported in South Africa on 24th November, how can the same person be positive for Omicron two days before?  And why doesn’t Times of Malta say if the person was vaccinated? To travel, one needs a negative swab test or a green pass. So how come travellers are spreading a variant?

Lastly, is it a coincidence that when the word “Omicron” is turned around, it becomes “Oncomir”, which, as Wikipedia explains, is a “microRNA that is associated with cancer. MicroRNA are short RNA molecules about 22 nucleotides in length. Essentially, miRNaS specifically target certain messenger RNAs (mRNAs) to prevent them from coding for a specific protein.”[8]

Doesn’t this remind us of the Covid-19 vaccines which are also “messenger RNA vaccines” which also go by the name “MRNA vaccines” – the first of their type? What is, then, truly the link and what is brewing?









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