Government pardoned the Caruana Galizia family 184,272 euros in taxes, interest, and fines.

The Caruana Galizia family was one of those that benefitted from a reduction in fines and interest thereon because it had not paid its taxes. And these are the individuals who boast about the rule of law.

This family had to pay an outstanding balance in tax of 230,326 euros that included interest and penalties. This amount was reduced by the same Department of Tax to 46,054 euros.

 In fact, it deducted 184,272 euros from the taxes, fines, and interest that the family had to pay the Government of Malta. And this same family declares that Malta is a mafia state.

Those working on the Daphne Project do not give us this information nor do they reveal it. And what’s more, Matthew Caruana Galizia does not write about these matters to the Speaker.

Nevertheless, they want Rosianne Cutajar to resign because potentially she did not pay tax on 60,000 euro-worth of brokerage fees despite the fact that tax on this money is paid by someone else. Yet, for the Caruana Galizias & Co. the fact that they owed all these thousands to the Government of Malta is not important. 

Perhaps, one could say that Rosianne Cutajar accepted the money from Yorgen Fenech. But may I remind you that in that transaction there was involved also the husband of a female judge who was one of the three judges sitting on the public inquiry regarding Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder. The Commissioner for Standards in Public Life, George Hyzler, who found Rosianne Cutajar potentially guilty, did not even bother to call Pierre Lofaro to testify nor did he call Yorgen Fenech to give his version of the facts. In the case of Pierre Lofaro, Commissioner Hyzler accepted only a letter that he had sent him and yet never questioned him about the letter!

On news like this – that the Caruana Galizia family benefitted from a Government scheme thus pardoning the family from paying thousands of euros in tax, fines, and interest – the mainstream media remains silent and does not publish anything. I have no objection that the media publishes Matthew Caruana Galizia’s letter. And it is right to do so.  

However, the media should report everything including the fact that the Caruana Galizias did not pay tax running into thousands of euros and then benefitted from the current Government’s scheme with the waiver of 184,272 euros in tax, fines, and interest!  

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