Lawrence Gonzi joins the melee to defend Matthew Caruana Galizia after his faux pas.

Lawrence Gonzi intrudes and interferes to defend Matthew Caruana Galizia in a rather longish post. There are those in the Nationalist Party who said that Gonzi did something that Bernard Grech was not capable of doing on his own. Whenever Dr. Gonzi pops into the middle he immediately creates a stir because we hardly hear him at all. However, in this particular case, Dr. Bernard Grech is right. Gonzi should stay out of this issue.

Perhaps Gonzi wishes to remind us of the period when there was an election to choose the leader of the Nationalists. He had turned up at Dar Ċentrali to contribute, as an accomplice, to have Dr. Adrian Delia pushed aside.

Now, in a Facebook post – the like of which we have rarely seen – Lawrence Gonzi has come out to criticize the Speaker Angelo Farrugia, for the manner he handled the Rosianne Cutajar issue following the findings of the   Commissioner for Standards in Public Life.

Lawrence Gonzi, in his post, wrote: “We have made a mockery of the Commissioner for Standards in Public Life and it is obvious today that the word ‘standards’ is merely a useless word without any substance”

In criticising the Speaker, Lawrence Gonzi wrote: “Who has ever heard of a Speaker of Malta’s Parliament – who when he talks is doing so in the name of the Government and the Opposition – replying to citizens’ complaints by trying to shut them up with a letter from a lawyer.”

It is truly embarrassing that a former leader and PM has to go public and come out with this type of criticism or Facebook post. Besides, since when does a letter from a lawyer shut up individuals as suggested by Gonzi in his comment? May I remind Gonzi that in my case, the Caruana Galizias attempted to shut me up through their lawyer, requesting Rachel Montebello to place me under contempt of court. In this case, it seems that, according to Gonzi, the institutions are working correctly because incidentally, I am not a migrant but a citizen of this country!

Gonzi’s action is going to do more harm than good to the Nationalist Party. All this continues to confirm that Gonzi, without any shame, is in cahoots with the Group Repubblika, Manuel Delia, and the family Caruana Galizia in their attacks on the institutions of this country. 

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