The truth is out: Yorgen Fenech did not want Daphne Caruana Galizia killed.

On Tuesday 23d Nov, 2021, Malta Today carried an article by journalist Matthew Agius reporting about Vince Muscat’s (aka il Kohhu) testimony re. the plan, in which il Kohhu was Involved, to kill DCG back in 2015. Always according to Vince Muscat also involved in the plot was lawyer David Gatt who worked with Chris Cardona. However, the plan never materialized because the money to pay the killers was never paid.

Until recently, it was being said that Yorgen Fenech was involved in this plan. I can remember also the video that a prominent journalist posted where he said that the mastermind, without actually giving the name, had begun planning this killing before elections and had to stop because Joseph Muscat had announced a General Election. Then after elections, the murder was committed.

Now, always according to Vince Muscat, and as reported by Malta Today, the reason the plan failed had nothing to do with elections. In 2015, elections were still far off. This project had to be put aside because whoever wanted to kill DCG had not been paid. In short, the money requested for the job had not been found for this murder. Therefore, it is not true that Yorgen Fenech wanted to kill her for he would have no problem finding the money requested! As a millionaire, he was rich enough to pay that amount had he truly been the mastermind.

Furthermore, in Kohhu’s testimony here, Yorgen Fenech’s name is not mentioned. On the other hand, Government had another three years in office before calling an election. Though, it then turned out that elections were called two years later. But in 2015, an early election was not remotely on the radar!

Once again, this goes to confirm that one cannot even rely on Melvyn Theuma’s testimony. However, the key item that one could have relied on and which could have given a helping hand to the investigations was the hard drive of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s computer which was destroyed with the blessing of the Police and the Prosecution!

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