The Caruana Galizia family should be made responsible for the money that is being wasted by the state because of their antics

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Lovin Malta reported a point raised by Matthew Caruana Galizia during his interview with Jon Mallia. According to Matthew Caruana Galizia, those who robbed Malta should refund the nation.

Perhaps, it is Matthew and his family who should consider refunding the state for all the money that is being wasted thanks to the antics of his family and cronies.  We have here a family who destroyed potentially key evidence which was in Daphne Caruana Galizia’s computer or laptop or both. He and his family would not have done so had they not had something to hide… But the key factor remains, that it was not for him nor for any member of his family to take the law into their hands and decide to destroy potential key evidence on the grounds that they know best. It was a calculated act. One that can only be defined as malicious. It was an abhorrent and inexcusable manoeuvre. Yet, via the media, Matthew continues to preach to us in a persistent attempt to further muddy the waters!  

Setting aside any other actions, it is amply clear that the Caruana Galizia family is hampering the investigation process and the court’s operations so that the whole truth behind Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder will never be known. To achieve this scope, main witnesses of the prosecution, including Matthew Caruana Galizia are using the media and giving interviews to siphon issues to fit their agenda and condition the public.

There is a Superior Court decree wherein it has been declared that the police did not conduct their investigations as would be expected in such an horrific case. We have Yorgen Fenech’s lawyers declaring that the prosecution has played dirty tricks from day one.  We have a Deputy Attorney General who has failed to bring to court Keith Schembri and Matthew Caruana Galizia to be crossed examined by the defence during the compilation of evidence. We have had an inquiry led by three judges who failed to call the man being accused of all wrongdoings in this murder case, to be questioned by them. The Caruana Galizia family or their lawyers never asked or put pressure on the three judges to bring Yorgen Fence to the inquiry. Nonetheless, they were privileged to be there during these sittings, unlike the defence team whose client should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. And let’s face reality, the more time passes, the more embroiled with falsehoods is the case proving to be.  

Perhaps, Matthew Caruana Galizia would like to lead by example and refund the cost of the three judges’ investigation. No such luck here, seeing that he has now resorted to a new ploy; that of hobnobbing with  Robert Abela, who like most of Caruana Galizia’s retinue is a legal man and therefore they can wangle the Prime Minister as they please; simply because they all belong to one fraternity. So on with the show.

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