Was it Keith Schembri or the MSS who informed The Times of Malta that Yorgen Fenech was going to leave?

Over the past few days, Mark Camilleri continued publishing the chats on which there is a court ban on publication. Though this time not, much attention has been given to this last publication, these publications continued to reveal the mechanisms used to frame Yorgen Fenech with the help of the media. A media that amongst other important facts invented Yorgen Fenech’s famous escape from Malta and the spectacular scenario of how the police supposedly apprehended him while he was leaving.

Can you recall what the Times reported the day Yorgen Fenech was supposedly escaping? We were told by Jacob Borg, one of its reporters that, in the early hours of the morning, he happened to be at Portomaso and happened to see Yorgen Fenech going out and caught him escaping! Eventually, this narrative too ended in controversy. There were those who began asking how accidental or otherwise was the presence of this journalist at Portomaso.

Now Mark Camilleri has published for us the conversations between Yorgen Fenech and Keith Schembri that were made on the day prior to the day Yorgen Fenech was presumably escaping. And what do we learn from this conversation? We find out that Yorgen Fenech told Keith Schembri that there already were journalists watching him on the eve he was meant to leave.

Therefore, the Times’ journalist was not on the spot accidentally as Jacob Borg wrote. Journalists were already spying at least from the previous day. Yorgen Fenech personally saw them and mentioned this fact to Keith Schembri in conversation.

Therefore, Yorgen Fenech had no intention to run away. As I wrote in a separate article when Yorgen Fenech asked Keith Schembri whether he should leave Malta, this did not necessarily imply that he wanted to escape but whether he ought to remain here should the police want to arrest him. Thanks to Mark Camilleri we get to know another interesting detail. We learn that Keith Schembri did not reply. Why? 

In this context, it is relevant to know who was the person who told the journalist or journalists to be on the alert at Portomaso even the day before Yorgen Fenech’s was expected to escape? Here one has to query whether it was Keith Schembri who was passing on information to The Times of Malta. Is this the reason why his cell phone was never found? Or could it have been a member of the MSS who was involved in all this? After all, it is the MSS who came up with the theory that Yorgen Fenech wanted to run away from Malta.  

It is also a fact that on the morning that Yorgen Fenech intended to take his yacht to Sicily for repairs Keith Schembri phoned and kept him talking on the phone. We are here talking of very, very early in the morning.

Is there a connection between this phone call that took place very early in the morning and Jacob Borg’s arrival at Portomaso? Therefore, had Keith Schembri not phoned Yorgen Fenech and kept him on the phone for 24 minutes, the possibility is that Jacob Borg would have arrived late at Portomaso and he would not have seen anything. Thus the narrative that Yorgen Fenech wanted to escape would not have been written because he would have already set sail and that same evening he would have been back in Malta!

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