The media confirms that the Covid-19 vaccines cause heart inflammation

Blog post by Marica Micallef

On the 10th of November, The Times of Malta admitted that the Covid-19 vaccine can cause heart inflammation[1], while blaming it on the Moderna vaccine. This same news was in foreign media portals.[2]

So first we had the Astrazeneca causing blood clots; now we have the Moderna causing heart inflammation, albeit the Times of Malta says that the risk of this vaccine causing heart inflammation is “slight”, adding that only those whose age is under 30 are at risk. It is vital here to add that this news is given “DUE TO EVIDENCE” which has been shown. Does this mean that hospitals are witnessing people suffering from heart inflammation after being administered the Covid-19 vaccine? Are these patients being put on long-term medication? Are these patients dying because of the side effects, caused by the vaccine?

The Times of Malta referred to the Stiko vaccine commission which has cited studies “showing that mRNA jabs led in rare cases to the conditions myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and pericarditis (inflammation of the tissue surrounding the heart) in younger patients, with slightly higher prevalence in those who received Moderna.” Doesn’t this imply that even the other vaccines brands are causing heart inflammation?

It is always ironic how, when such news is given by the media, there is always the emphasis that these side-effects are “rare” or that the risk is minimal. The media is always for the same narrative and propaganda, while always justifying the need to take the covid-19 vaccine. As if the means always justify the end. To conclude, these are the questions I wish to ask:

Since the kind of evidence being noted by this commission comes first-hand from the same patients who took the Covid-19 vaccine, how come this vaccine was approved and given to the public without a prior warning?

Since it is only now that the public is being given information about the side effects of such vaccines, doesn’t this mean that this vaccine is still in its EXPERIMENTAL phase?

How come the Big Pharma companies which produced these vaccines, did not have this evidence indicated before actually selling it to the governments? Surely, they must have observed such a side-effect when they administered the vaccine to animals in their labs.

Doesn’t all this show that Big Pharma companies are liable and accountable for these side effects? Aren’t the governments also liable for pushing these vaccines on their nations?

Shouldn’t have the public been informed of such a side-effect, so that it could make a better-consented decision before deciding to take this vaccine?




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