The Church media continues to back the false narrative about our prisons

Newsbook, the Church media outlet, carried an article about the death of a prisoner that happened a year ago. The prisoner was found dead in his cell. This article hints that this particular prisoner could have committed suicide.

This is a complete fallacy. It is wrong to suggest that this prisoner could have committed suicide when the truth is that this individual had serious health issues. An autopsy found out that this prisoner suffered from a serious heart condition from birth, which the prisoner did not know about. For this reason, neither the court nor the prison administration were aware of this particular prisoner’s health condition.

It should be pointed out that for any person who dies in prison, whether of natural causes or not, an inquiry has to be carried out. Then it is for the magistrate to order or not a post mortem. In this particular case, a post mortem was carried out and excluded suicide.  

Therefore, I don’t think that the debate here should revolve around the prison per se. The truth is that the courts could not have known about this serious health issue, and thus they could not make any recommendations.

Lest we forget, prisoners have rights and access to medical treatment, and when necessary, they are even taken to hospital for treatment. Therefore, what is Newsbook trying to imply with this article? That the medical staff of the prison did not do their job right? In truth, one can be walking in the street and drop dead. In this case, will the media blame his or her doctor or the local council because he/she passed away on the road?

This is what Newsbook tried to do in the article below.

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