A Maltese worker ended up with a swollen body and swollen eyes after having been forced to take the vaccine


Blog post by Marica Micallef

A conversation on Facebook reveals the story of a female worker who was sent to take the vaccine by her employer. This is the kind of coercion that we are experiencing in our workforce but the media does not speak about it. Workers are ending up taking the vaccine in order to safeguard their income!  This worker ended up with a swollen body and eyes. As a result, she ended up unable to see after taking the first dose! So the doctor advised her not to take the second dose and not to take any more doses!

To this story, I would like to add some questions. The first is: are employers who are forcing their employees to take the vaccine, ready to take responsibility for any side-effects that their employees might suffer from?

The second is: why aren’t doctors who are having patients suffering from the covid-19 vaccine, speaking up? Why is everything hushed up?

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