Yorgen Fenech: trial by media.

A letter from a reader

In the near (or far) future, the alleged mastermind behind the murder of the investigative journalist/hate blogger will face a jury. Till now, the prosecution has failed miserably to bring any concrete evidence that holds in court, without a reasonable doubt, that Yorgen Fenech is the mastermind behind Daphne Caruana Galizia’s death. One does not need to be a lawyer to read through the obscenities taking place in court in this particular case.

As we all know, the trial has already taken place by some filthy media, and it is extremely hard to see how there is going to be a fair and just trial in this particular case. I am sure that this is going to be a dirty trial. Whether Yorgen Fenech will be found guilty or not (which is not my competence to judge for now) there is going to be a discussion if not controversy about whether he was judged fairly and correctly or not.

So far, from what we have read in the media, the accused has already been declared guilty thanks to the unscrupulousness of this same filthy media, which did not only put him on trial but condemned him before he was even sent to trial!

For this reason, I humbly ask the authorities concerned to have the trial transmitted ‘live’ on National TV as has happened in other countries with similar high profile cases so that the people will be able to listen and actually see what is happening in the courtroom. I cannot imagine any juror who will be selected to be impartial after the consistent drumming in the media that Fenech is guilty. Unfortunately, all the local inhabitants in Malta have been influenced one way or the other by what the filthy media had to say in this case. It is true that whoever will be the judge will explain to the jury that they must forget(!) what they have heard, discussed or read on the media but if one wants to be honest and realistic the country is so small that the only jurors that can be picked, as they may have not expressed an opinion on this case, are the minors under ten years old. The only problem is that they cannot be used as jurors! Therefore, it is going to be difficult for the jurors to reach a judgement according to what they are going to hear and experience during the trial itself. But will this be enough for a fair trial?

Our courts of law must remember that this unfortunate episode has brought turmoil to our country both on a national and international level. The fact that the filthy media does not want to accept that Daphne Caruana Galizia at the end of the day was a hate blogger, and nothing much more, calling her an investigative journalist is a euphemism.

Having said this, whoever was behind this murder must face justice. But justice cannot rely on journalism that is spreading hatred against the accused. I feel deeply sorry for whoever must face and judge this trial which I believe will either make his/her career glorifying or break him/her.

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