Like Newsbook, I also filed a police report.

Today, my name is again in the media, at least in three newspapers, that is, The Times, The Malta Independent, and Newsbook. From what I read, The Times and Newsbook received messages where my name was mentioned. While the Times stuck to the news without making irrelevant comments, the media of the Catholic Church, holding to its true colours when out of its way to state the following:

Perhaps, if analyzing the media reports on the recent ongoing topics is for the church’s media an unorthodox way to do things, then I am honoured to be called “unorthodox”. My unorthodoxy is purely derived from the fact that I insist on always studying all sides of the picture.

For once, I share Fr. Joe Borg’s view that “these threats will not stop us from carrying out our work in the public interest. We are determined to continue serving the public with fair, accurate, and trustworthy views’. Where I do not share Borg’s views is that Newsbook is far removed from reflecting the Roman Catholic Church’s teaching in the way its reports. Articles on this news portal are biased to the nth degree that it disregards truth, fair play and correct analysis of a situation.

On my part, I too have reported the threats I received yesterday, as I have already done on previous occasions.

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