Lashing back at Jason Azzopardi’s assertation that Rosianne Cutajar is a ‘National Embarrassment’

Blog post by Dr. Hermann Farrugia

Yes, Jason, you’re quite right in asserting that Malta is facing a phase of ‘National Embarrassment’ due to the inconsiderate greed and even lewd behaviour of the ‘privileged few’.

But equally, you should agree that not only does ‘National Embarrassment’ exist but there is more. Put yourself into rewind mode and patiently recall how many more forms of immediate ‘embarrassment’ exist in your political career including when you were Minister.

For example, when as a minister, the crass errors committed on a day-to-day basis of political misjudgement including supporting SME-unfriendly measures through endorsing sham public-policy enforcement that not only provoked catastrophic embarrassment to the Gonzi Government but also cost the PN an electoral haemorrhaging of popular votes.

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