A human endocrine view of the scathing Pandora-Box developments

Blog post by Hermann Farrugia

Panning the mid-age political spectrum, from Left across to Right and whether Red or Blue, Green, Orange or White, here is an existential-endocrine observation. Of course, this is not meant to justify any possible intent to shield any ‘hidden assets’.

Humanistically speaking, the andropause remains distinctly marked by hidden ‘pain’. Yet it always turns out more critical (even shattering) when it is simultaneously combined with a highly irresistible urge: that which is triggered by a penetrating sense of incumbent power!

Intricately meshed, the two tend to generate one same compound: a complex human trait that doesn’t just precipitate an early turn of hair white… but one which inevitably turns the refractory mind ‘blind’ to the natural consequences of unrestrained personal ambition, greed, or lust.

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