Mistrust of Maltese Journalism is on the increase thanks to Manuel Delia’s lies

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Manuel Delia comes up with a narrative to gain sympathy as he now wants to be the underdog.  How much uglier can it get when one has to resort to inventing stories based on a number of lies with the sole purpose of attracting pity. What a fool you make of yourself when you whinge in public solely to be pitied and then you are unmasked. How on earth can you create such a tale when you know full well that you are deceiving readers with a bag of lies and there is the probability that either today or tomorrow you will be caught out. The flip side is that Manuel Delia has not enjoyed his lying for long. He created his narrative on sand which immediately caved in with the first hitch.

This is the same individual who believes he can replace Daphne Caruana Galizia. This is the same fellow who thought that he has the intelligence to carry out investigations as Daphne used to do. This is the individual who boasts of having many friends supporting him and then takes them for a ride. He is a friend of Dr. Jason Azzopardi who believed this bag of lies in such a manner that Dr. Azzopardi ended up lying about Manuel Delia by repeating the same narrative that Manuel Delia thought would make us laugh.

He made such a fool of himself that to quote from the gospel, Manuel Delia is not worthy to untie the straps of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s sandals. We have here an individual who knows no shame. This is an individual who were you to call him a liar you would be honouring him. This is the same individual who even led his family on a merry dance and ridiculed them.

And rightly so, Caroline Muscat was taken aback when waking up in the morning, she found someone telling her or asking her why she is not writing in favour of Manuel Delia. Caroline Muscat did not rise to the bait. Ms. Muscat has informed us that it is a fact that Delia is taking a six-month holiday in a European city which is also paid for. He will be able to carry on blogging as usual, without any problems. Ms. Muscat searched these types of initiatives and knows fully well how these programmes operate. She also knows that there was a call for this particular programme [which Delia is taking up] because it was also offered to her.  

Whoever is really threatened, certainly would not go out of his way to inform the four corners of the world that he is going abroad. It is also a fact that when there is a serious threat you do not leave your family behind. Instead, you would go into hiding together with your family. One must be a born liar to dream up that one is leaving the country because of serious threats to one’s life from those close to Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination.  So persuasive was Manuel with his hand on his heart that even the Prime Minister requested that Manuel Delia be given police protection!

To verify, Caroline Muscat spoke with Manuel Delia. He told her that he fears the attacks of web spoofs and the ‘Slapp’ court case regarding chats that took place years ago. To further his position, he told an Italian journalist that he earns his living from the donations given by his readers and with the help of his wife. Even on this payment, Caroline Muscat criticised Manuel Delia and told him clearly that his behaviour is greatly damaging Daphne’s case for truth and justice.

Muscat declared that nobody should attempt to attract public sympathy by resorting to such obscenities and such lying. All Delia has achieved is to further increase the public’s mistrust of the Maltese media that is campaigning for justice for Daphne. Manuel Delia has drowned himself in his own lies. He has created a narrative based on sand and ended up being a complete idiot. Besides, he was not even honest with the foreign journalist, lying to him when the journalist was not aware of how matters truly stand.  

All Delia has done is to lose all the credibility he may have had. All he can do now is to put down his pen and let it rest because he is no longer going to be believed.

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