Manuel Delia defends Galea Farrugia, who in the past wrote Facebook posts revealing the unhappy atmosphere in the AG’s office

I now understand why Manuel Delia is thinking of leaving Malta. If with his latest blog, entitled Inequality of Arms he has decided that I am Yorgen Fenech’s “unlicensed lawyer outside the court”, then it is obvious that he does not know how to analyse what is written in my own blogs and not even analyse the newspapers correctly. According to Manuel Delia:

As for Galea Farrugia being a favourable target “for entirely transparent reasons”, I beg to differ with Delia because obviously, he does not fully analyse the reality of Malta’s current situation in the courts. The true reason for his article is purely to attack Victoria Buttigieg and defend the arrogance and incompetence of Galea Farrugia. It is a known fact that Jason Azzopardi wanted Galea Farrugia to replace Peter Grech after the same Galea Farrugia used his Facebook page to attack colleagues working with him at the office of the Attorney General’s office.

Readers should know that when Galea Farrugia was writing his Facebook posts, Peter Grech was being attacked and criticized by the Nationalists in Opposition. More important, these posts confirm the animosity and unhealthy atmosphere that reigns at the Office of the Attorney General and confirms why there is a high turnover of staff.

But obviously, Manuel Delia’s patriotism chooses to ignore Galea Farrugia’s comments on Facebook because, like all those in Malta who speak out in favour of Rule of Law, they are the first to blatantly break it.

As for having the impudence of holding Victoria Buttigieg responsible for the current mess in the Office of the Attorney General, I am convinced that Manuel Delia is trying his utmost to cover up for Galea Farrugia.

Manuel Delia is attacking Victoria Buttigieg for four reasons. First, Galea Farrugia missed the boat to get her post. Secondly, he again missed the chance of now becoming a judge because he was not even on the list of the 10 judges shortlisted;  the third reason is that his head is now a woman. And there is the fourth reason – however quirky it may sound – that the head has the wisdom of letting him stew in his own brew which was already brewing before she took up office.  

Manuel Delia did not deny or bring evidence to contradict what was stated in the blog in question i.e that lawyers are leaving the AG’s Office because of Galea Farrugia and not because of Victoria Buttigieg, nor because of their inexperience. One must call a spade a spade and not attack medical doctors and young lawyers who have only “one year practice”. It should be remembered this job, like any other job, demands that the applicant is interviewed. It does not follow that one is chosen simply on the basis of one year of experience… I know of cases of lawyers who fairly recently joined the AG Office having many years of experience.  Unfortunately, the individual or individuals who are giving Manuel Delia information are misleading him because they do not even know how hospital works let alone anything else.     

Malta has had many attorney generals and criminal lawyers who became judges and never behaved in this despicable manner as the current Deputy Attorney General of the Republic. For Manuel Delia who believes in Pan-Europeanism, the climax is to end up speaking like Matteo Salvini, exalting Maltese patriotism and yet making a racist statement that as Maltese “we think patriotism is about throwing things at Black People in the street”. Come down to Earth. 

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