The PN candidate for Gozo Josephine Xuereb uses my post to subtly attack a fellow PN candidate

Josephine Xuereb took the trouble to write a post on her Facebook page to state that I did not report correctly what happened at the press conference which Alex Borg did not attend.

I would like first of all to thank Josephine Xuereb for her post and for sharing her side of the story. From what she has posted, she seems to know her facts well. Thus, I would like to ask her a few questions and I hope that she will be in a position to answer whether this is true or not?

Is it correct to state that Alex Borg was informed the day before that Peter Agius was going to be in Gozo and wanted to meet him? And is it true that Alex Borg was invited to the press conference a few hours before it was actually held?  

If this is so, does this not imply that Josephine Xuereb, who happens to be a candidate of the Nationalist Party, knew about the presence of Peter Agius in Gozo, before Alex Borg? Was she too informed about this press conference a few hours before it was held?

I am stating this, because, according to what she wrote, Josephine Xuereb admits that she was also invited to address the press conference. She states that she also had a programme on Net TV but seems to have had ample time to cancel it.

But does Josephine Xuereb consider it correct to cancel one’s presence on a programme just a few hours before it was to be recorded? Furthermore, can Ms. Xuereb confirm that there was another press conference which was not held at 15.00, but was held after 15.00? If this is the case, why wasn’t Alex Borg invited at least to address this second press conference? It would have been possible for him to attend the second one.

But what is worrying here, is not the fact that Josephine Xuereb tried to defend the PN’s position, but that from her reply, she made it a point to attack a fellow contestant. This is the kind of backstabbing that currently reigns within the PN today. It is a known fact that Josephine Xuereb is being backed by the faction of Chris Said and put her name on the Gozo district so that she can have a chance to get elected to parliament through the women’s quota.

Now, I leave it to my readers to decide who had his facts right and who had a vested interest to manipulate these same facts.  And, in the process, this same person used a post to subtly attack a fellow Nationalist Party candidate.   

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