Unhindered corrupt justice

From a reader

The Deputy Attorney General has issued the bill of indictment for Yorgen Fenech and never has this office been used to mount a travesty of justice, a travesty of what it means to champion a fair and objective justice, in as vile and despicable a way, as has happened in this case.

The move appears to have been unexpected since a next hearing for the compilation of evidence to proceed had been fixed for September. Somebody, it seems, abruptly decided that the compilation should come to an end in a strategic and orchestrated move that blind-sided the defence but of which the prosecution party (all of it) was fully aware. The steps which led to this development must be made public if this office is really what it is meant to be – the yardstick by which impartial justice is meted out. The possibility of bail being granted could have something to do with it. They will stop at nothing to influence the outcomes and events in this case – they dictate what happens regardless of what should happen even if it means going against the rights of the individual.

Instead, there seems to be an absolute abuse of the power invested in the incumbents as they have made of their role a vehicle by which to claim a one-sided, hateful vengeance – never justice. They are blinded by personal hatred and the partiality they have often shown in proceedings up to now.

The irony is that these individuals are paid from the coffers of the state to which we all contribute. These are the people who we pay and trust to protect any Maltese citizen from a miscarriage of justice and to carry out their role in prosecuting and moving a case forward, objectively, mercifully, and without the influence of their personal beliefs and social ties. Today these people have let down the tenets of their profession, their office, and what it means to seek out an impartial justice. These people have not sought justice – their position has allowed them to twist the terms of this jury beyond any recognition of what is just.  The nation should be worried that they are doing so without impunity.

There are many people who have kept a cool head and not been taken in by the comprehensive and overarching campaign of hate that has been mounted by the media and social network sites against Mr. Yorgen Fenech. They have seen it for what it is – the attempt (a very successful one) to manipulate the outcome and bring about an instance of absolute hatred towards the accused.  To compromise justice and ensure that there is only one outcome.  There are many who see the outrageous travesty of justice that has occurred today and the absurdity of having people partake in this trial who have a vested interest in corrupting this trial. It seems that corruption is only flagged if it is financial and done by a certain set of people – others can do as they please.

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