Mr. Peregin’s dance with Beelzebub

Blog post by Fr. David Muscat

The CEO of the leftist-liberal online media outlet Lovin Malta is severing all ties with the company to join the Partit Nazzjonalista in an unspecified strategy role. He claims, he is doing this “to give the team at Lovin Malta the freedom to scrutinise me as much as they do all other political players” according to the Times of Malta (14/07/2021). 

One may be forgiven for thinking that given Lovin Malta’s track record of objective “scrutiny”, this statement has the credibility of a news announcement in the former Soviet communist newspaper Pravda. That said, judging by Peregin’s own media statements and articles, his declared wish to help rebuild the PN may sound utopian at best. Especially in view of his own declaration that he is no fervent nationalist.

In Peregin’s view, the PN became “irrelevant” after the EU membership was secured; the party had “lost its way” which convinced him to vote Labour in 2013. He lavished praise upon Joseph Muscat back then.  Now, he laments Muscat’s administrations and the Muscat-economics that came with it. Someone ought to tell Christian Peregin that you reap what you sow.  

Like Joseph Muscat, Peregin is a bourgeois, a bohemian and a champagne Socialist. He was successful during Muscat’s seven years of plenty, and now, he is behaving like many turncoat Nationalists, who back then, abandoned their party in droves.  

Peregin now is determined to get rid of Muscat’s legacy. My instincts tell me that he is starting this new mission because he wants to resurrect the goose that was laying golden eggs but is dead and buried because of Labour’s imbecility.  

Peregin will not thank that tiny minority of God-fearing Conservatives, who never trusted Muscat from his advent in the Maltese political landscape. It was hard for these to remain loyal to the party that always defended the Catholic Church in the past, because chaps like Peregin joined the chorus of Repubblika, Metsola and the Brussels’s cabal, the Shift News, in putting part of the blame upon the Catholic “fossils’’ for making the PN “irrelevant”. These are aided by the official Maltese Church media that under the leadership of the wannabe cardinal, never tires to depict the Pope Francis’s magisterium to be gayer than gay and redder than red. Consequently, they further marginalise conservative Catholic PN supporters because they appear to be disobeying the reforming Pope – which is not the case. We are soft targets attacked by everyone. 

Moreover, Peregin conveniently forgets that the ‘’fossils’’ didn’t trust Muscat at the polling booths not because they were blind-folded idiot Nazzjonalisti għal dejjem, popish bigots, ultramontain or protectors of paedophile priests.    

They did so out of faith in Christ the King – Viva Kristu Re. They immediately judged the love at first sight between the anti-clerical and liberal opinion makers with Joseph Muscat too eerie. They know that all intrinsically disordered relationships are “like chaff which the wind drives away” (Psalm 1,4).

So now, Peregin believes that he can wipe out Muscat’s mantra just by being sharper than Castile’s propaganda machine. His first abracadabra is a call for a united front against New Labour. Like the bell-bottomed jeans, the united 1960s  Giunta Djocesana is fashionable again because now its strateġista is a Pereginista wearing a Gucci Che Guevara t-shirt, drinking an organic smoothie at a gentrified Strada Stretta hipsters’ bar. I wish to remind Peregin that parkers do not go to these posh places but prefer to go to the każini talfesta, and let off petards in honour of saints. Peregin thinks that these individuals are festa hooligans when they do these things… But I am sure that it would be a different story if the fireworks are let off during a Gay Pride or on Europe’s day.

Thus, the Pereginista tactics are nothing more than pure unadulterated godless secularisation – trying to drive out demons by Beelzebub (Matthew 12, 27) or believing that “my idol is more powerful than yours” because my hocus pocus (strategy) is cleverer. Since the Stamperija bigwigs have a record of clutching at straws, this Lovin Malta wizard will be embraced with open arms and joyous celebrations.    

Concluding, I wonder if Peregin’s proposed vision of rebuilding the party could inevitably lead to the rooting out of any party activist, MP or candidate who does not share his so-called progressive vision, which, to any learned observer, is nothing more than unadulterated cultural Marxism. 

In fairness, it cannot be denied that the PN has itself shifted even further to the cultural left during the Gonzi-Busuttil years without any assistance from Christian Peregin. 

This reminds me of an erudite work written by University of Rome Catholic academic, Roberto de Mattei in 1994 entitled “Il centro che ci porto’ a sinistra” (The Centre that carried us to the Left) where de Mattei highlighted the responsibility of the leadership of the ostensibly centrist Italian Christian Democrats in the forty-year long process of Italy’s de-Christianisation. The Italian Democrazia Cristiana destroyed itself as a result, and no longer exists.

The situation is desperate NOW. 

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