Maltese Health Authorities insist with an Italian woman to take the second jab despite it is not good for her health

Blog post by Marica Micallef

I have received a true story of a 36 year old Italian lady who has been residing in Malta for four years. This lady took the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on 11th May at around 6pm at the Floriana Health Centre and the day after, she sadly developed an allergic reaction. She woke up with a swollen  face, as the photos show:

She was admitted at the emergency department of Saint James hospital, where the doctor confirmed that she had an allergic reaction to the covid19 vaccine and advised her not to take the second dose because it would turn out riskier. She was discharged with a doctor’s note confirming this allergic reaction and a prescription to take 40mg of prednisolone for three days, which was then extended to seven days.

When back at the Floriana Health Centre, the medical staff agreed that the second shot might be riskier. However, they refused to write this on black and white. Instead, she was advised to call 145 where she managed to have the first AID number. A doctor on the phone still advised her to take the second jab while “jokingly” stating that “they would have reanimated her had something happened to her”.

The lady thus wrote an email to with all the evidence and her concerns. Profs. Charmaine Gauci was also copied in the reply.  The reply was the following:

The Italian lady’s reply to the above email was:

Then she tried to ask again for an exemption from the second dose for her and her boyfriend who suffers from more allergies and was intubated twice in his life due to an anaphylactic shock. All of this can be proven medically. The reply she got again was:

Since we have the local Health Regulation Directorate admitting that there have been MANY instances of allergic reactions, how come this same Directorate has not issued any public statements? How come the local media has not published any articles related to this? Why do Profs Gauci and Dr Fearne still insist that the vaccines work and are safe?

Also, how come it is fine to mix and match two different kinds of vaccines? So, will all those who have suffered allergic reactions to the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, be asked to take the one single shot of Johnson & Johnson? And since the same Directorate has admitted in the last email, that there is no guarantee that no reactions will develop once the Johnson and Johnson is administered, how come the Directorate is giving permission for this shot to be given?

When will the local Health Authorities start assuming full responsibility for their advice and actions? Will the Local Health Authorities be issuing a statement about the young woman’s story?

3 thoughts on “Maltese Health Authorities insist with an Italian woman to take the second jab despite it is not good for her health

  1. The email by Jorgon Souness where he states that “you will not be granted permission not to be vaccinated” intimates that vaccination is mandatory when it is NOT.
    Also, friends of mine have taken the J&J vaccine (despite their knowledge of the company’s terrible history in poisoning people (including babies) with their products and facing large financial penalties for doing so, they were pressured by Doctors to take the J&J single shot by being told there’s not much of it left in Malta and it may ‘run out’… Why are they making such false claims? Why are they trying to rush people into taking it?

  2. Yes I suffered to but still I took the second one ,If she want to stay home no problem ,it must come by law no ful vaccin stay home.

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