Charmaine Gauci resorts to inquisitorial tactics

Lovin Malta reports that Charmaine Gauci reported Doctor Karl Soler to the Medical Council to be investigated. As a historian, this is unwarranted, unjustified and pure Inquisitorial behaviour. It was during the time of the Inquisition that members of the public used to resort to such tactics. The public was encouraged to report members in their community to the Inquisition, on suspicion that they were not acting in accordance with the teaching of the Catholic Church.

Karl Soler has the right to voice his opinions on the subject in question. In the eighties, I fought for freedom of speech. What gives Charmaine Gauci the right to have more freedom than us mortals to speak about Covid? Moreover, Soler is a medical doctor and therefore, this action is only intended to shut up the medical profession who are in disagreement with the measures that Charmaine Gauci has been taking.

Unfortunately, Charmaine Gauci has lost her credibility. Already, she has given out the incorrect figures of covid cases in the past. There is also confusion in the measures that she is adopting or recommending. Where is the Opposition in this case? This explains why the Opposition is losing credibility. It gets lost on petty issues instead of concentrating on important ones. I would have expected the Opposition to come out loud in support Karl Soler’s right to freedom of speech but clearly, Karl Soler is not one theirs!

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