Who is paying for positive comments about vaccines on the social media?

Blog post by Marica Micallef

I came across a post on Facebook written by a Maltese citizen which stated: “I got a call asking if I would put out positive comments about vaccines on social media.  I was offered payment for every post! This is how corrupt the system is! Shame on you Malta!”

Can I ask our government whether this is true and if it is true which of its departments is in charge of this? Is this coming from the Health Department? Can I ask how come such news was never published by the government or the local media? Was there any call of application? Can I ask how much would the payment be? Or is it just a fake news?

But one needs to admit that those commenting negatively about Covid19 suffered from censorship. Thus, why are only positive comments allowed? Why are those who are suffering post vaccine side-effects, as I already pointed out in some of my blogs, are having their voice drowned out? Why is there all this stress and pressure on people to take the vaccine by the government?

In a true pandemic, would there be this great need to market the vaccines? Wouldn’t everybody be hurrying up to any vaccination centre to take the vaccine? Doesn’t the fact that not everybody is opting to take the vaccine, show that there are people, who are sceptic about this pandemic and concerned about the side-effects of this experimental vaccine?

Is this a proof that Malta is no longer a democracy? Is it this how democracies behave? Considering how things have escalated in this country, how can it be claimed that we are living in a democracy here in Malta when the authorities silence the voice of a minority?

It is a fact that in Malta things do not change. We still live in a society were everything boils down to “il-ħbieb tal-ħbieb” and nepotism. It is all about who you know and not how much you know. I truly doubt whether we can ever live in a country where I can say that “Malta tagħna lkoll” and “Flimkien kollox possibli”.

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